Private Equity

If you wish to join us as a new partners we will most often suggest you start with an investment is a Fund of funds. This is simply a private equity fund that invests in other private equity funds. We suggest this in order to provide you with a lower risk product initially. You could choose a specific fund directly but we feel that spreading your exposure across a number of vehicles, especially if they are of different types and a variety of regional focuses will ensure a successful start.
Right at the other end of PCG’s activities is the Initial Public Offering (IPO). This is the moment transition point when private equity changes into public equity. The shares of a private company are launched on to a Stock Market in a new public listing. This creates a market in these shares so that member of the public is able to buy or sell them. Normally this is not all of the shares in the company but it is certainly enough to establish a realistic valuation. This is the moment at which we will activate our exit strategy; start to secure returns to our funds; and provide our partners with their gains.

Sometimes we will be able to offer you the opportunity to join in the excitement of an IPO. This will most likely be a short term investment into the private equity shares, just before the IPO. with an exit hours, weeks or months later.

As our relationship develops with any growing client company we may find that a merger or an acquisition is potentially the best way forward for that particular business. We are certainly ready for this. We have a full set of M & A skills plus a vast range of market contacts so again we will be able to provide any guidance and capital required. For our Private Investors, this activity will also represent an opportunity. We will certainly look first to our own Funds to meet such investment capital needs before approaching the general market. Hence a Private Investor could firstly help to re-fund a company when it is a start-up; follow through to an acquisition; and then go on to an IPO; with the potential to go even further as they seek to make acquisitions, once they are public.


PCG are certainly professional, approachable and friendly whatever the level of interaction involved. When it comes to understanding of their markets and business they are superb plus the back-office support is efficient in the extreme. Anyone can call me and I will say the same.

Jeremy MacMahon,
Web Consultant & Designer Singapore.